Highly Durable and Lightweight Kevlar Rope for Sale Throughout Australia

Known for our range of premium products, Whittam Ropes combine strength, versatility, lightness and flexibility into all of our exceptional designs. Regardless of whether you need them for land or sea applications, our expansive catalogue includes many different items, such as nylon and Kevlar rope, providing seamless solutions for customers throughout the world.

The benefits of our Kevlar rope products

Similar to Dyneema options, the strength and durability of Kevlar is incredibly impressive, a fact that is demonstrated through its use throughout architectural and industrial settings. On an equal weight basis, this material is stronger and far lighter than steel and doesn’t run the risk of corroding. Additionally, when used for elevators, they require less energy and space due to their ability to use smaller pulleys than their steel counterparts.

This product also holds a number of benefits for applications that take place at sea. In seawater, ropes that contain Kevlar can be up 95% lighter than steel ropes of the same strength, making it the perfect solution for processes that need to keep the power of steel but reduce the weight.

Ultimately, these products offer unparalleled strength for a wide variety of uses, giving you a solution you can count on.

A wide range of premium options for sale

Along with our Kevlar options, Whittam’s extensive 2000 item catalogue delivers a wide range of roping solutions throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Manufacturing Nylon and yacht products, as well as items that can be used for equestrian, hardware and winch applications, we are committed to providing a wide range solutions that never compromise on quality.

We can help you find what you need

We ship Australia wide and internationally, delivering our quality solutions to customers throughout the world. If you are unsure which item is best for you, give our office a call today on (07) 3205 8637.

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