Synthetic Winch Rope

Some reasons why Synthetic Winch Rope can be better than traditional steel winch cables:

  • It’s lighter and friendlier to use.
  • It has a higher safe working load than its wire counterpart.
  • It doesn’t kink itself when you don’t have a straight line pull therefore less chance of causing irreparable damage.
  • If it does break under load reports have said that it self dampens. But we put a dampener on for the belt and braces approach.
  • It’s friendlier on the pulley when doing a 2:1.
  • You get rid of those horrible roller fairleads.
  • It’s easier to clean and then load back onto the drum when carrying out maintenance.
  • You don’t get any stray wire strands going through your gloves.
  • You can let it slide through your gloves without the risk of damaging your gloves and hands.
  • Your carrying almost 12kg less on the front of your 4wd.
  • It’s safer safer safer safer….

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Synthetic Winch Rope

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